Aerial photography at 2 cm/pixel resolution

Very-high-resolution aerial imagery brings us interesting technological capabilities and products that represent a source of information and can be used as an important basis for studies, detailed mapping and decision-making processes in urbanized areas or areas of corridor constructions with high requirements for the accuracy of planimetry and elevation.

These materials can also become an invaluable tool in the creation of the Digital Technical Map (DTM), which displays objects of the real-world terrain, including engineering and transport infrastructure, in digital form.

In the second half of 2019, we tested and then implemented aerial surveying in 2 cm resolution for the first time.

Gradually, we obtained contracts for the imaging of urban agglomerations, selected parts of motorways in the Czech Republic, local projects for mapping verification for the needs of railways, and we also photographed part of the route for the planned future high-speed railway.

The outputs of photogrammetric technology are mainly formed by the map data in high-quality details and accuracy created by means of stereoscopic measurement from images, also orthophotomaps, TRUE orthophotomaps and digital surface model (DSM) created from the point cloud.

For imagining, we use our latest UltraCam Eagle Mark 3 camera, which is carried by a twin-engine aircraft specially adapted for photogrammetric work, flying at a speed of approximately 180 km/h at an altitude of about 500 meters above ground.

After comparing the data above the test area, excellent agreement was found between geodetic measurements and the data obtained by the stereoscopic photogrammetric evaluation. Also, the comparison of geodetic measurements with a point cloud in the form of DSM which is created simultaneously when processing 2 cm true orthophotomap in Sure, software environment by nFrames, brought similar results.

Very high-resolution imaging will bring revolutionary, so far unsuspected possibilities of how to use photogrammetry in a number of economic applications.


Aerial photography at 2 cm/pixel resolution

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