CAS Slovenia 2016 – 2019

The purpose of imaging the entire Slovenian territory was not only to create its orthophotomap, but mainly to provide the mapping derived from it for the purposes of state administration. Furthermore, the orthophotomap serves as a basis for the production and management of the agricultural land database (LPIS).

The project can then be divided into two parts – within the first part, which covered the year 2016, we photographed an area of 6,600 km2, which is about 30 % of Slovenia's territory, namely on 10,197 aerial survey images with 80 % longitudinal overlap and 30 % transversal overlap. An orthophotomap with a resolution of 25 cm in the RGBI format was its main output, the contract naturally also included aerotriangulation. In addition, a stereophotogrammetric evaluation and control of the digital relief model (DMR1) were performed so as to achieve an accuracy of 0.4m in open area and low vegetation and of 1.2m in vegetation.

From 2017 we carried out a three-year project to update the map of the entire territory of Slovenia, which covers an area of approximately 20,800 km2. Every year we have processed about one third of the territory, and almost 19,000 aerial photographs were taken. At the same time, the existing control points were checked and the new control points needed for aerotriangulation were measured. An orthophotomap with an accuracy of up to 0.25m in RGBI was another product provided by us. The project was successfully completed in 2019.

At this stage, the digital surface model (DMP1) is a newly created product. It is a special case of digital relief model, supplemented by the top surfaces of all objects on it (roofs, tree tops) for the entire processed area down to an accuracy of 0.25cm.


CAS Slovenia 2016 – 2019

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