Denmark 2016 – 2024

In Denmark, we have been participating in two major projects for SDFE (Styrelsen for Dataforsyning og Effektivisering) since 2016. These projects deals with aerial photography and the creation of an orthophotomap of "Spring Denmark", which is mainly used for the needs of the state administration and updating of vector maps; and also aerial photography and orthophotomap for the "Summer Denmark", which is mainly used for LPIS (production and management agricultural land database) purposes.

In just four months in 2016 we succeeded in making a seamless orthophotomap of Spring Denmark covering an area of 49,270 km2, which is roughly two-thirds the size of the Czech Republic. In order to cover the whole of Denmark with the orthophotomap, we had to process almost 41,000 aerial survey photographs. The resulting product was then submitted to individual administrative units – municipalities, of which there are a total of 98 in Denmark. We processed the orthophotomap at 12.5 cm pixel, RGBI. All the outputs underwent a process of external quality control.

In 2017, we continued in this long-term project and again made a seamless orthophotomap of the whole territory of Denmark in the spring period. This time we also took part in the taking of the photographs and we covered one of the five lots with a total area of 9,500 km2. So, we had a similar number of images for processing as in the previous year, namely 41,000.

In 2018 we continued in our successful cooperation on the “Spring Denmark” project. Compared to previous years, about one-sixth of the territory was processed not in 12.5cm per pixel, but even in 10 cm per pixel. Also this time we took photographs of part of the territory. The numbers for 2019 remained similar. Our greatest success is that we also won a contract for the years 2020 and 2021, with an option until 2024.

We joined the “Summer Denmark” project in summer 2017, as we participated, within the consortium led by the Austrian Vermessung AVT, in aerial photography and the production of an orthophotomap from the summer period, namely for an area of 32,878 km2, roughly 2/3rds of the territory of Denmark. The summer version was processed in 25 cm per pixel in 2017, in 20 cm per pixel in 2018 (we processed territory of an area of almost 20,000 km2) and again in 25 cm per pixel in 2019, namely for an area of about 17,600 km2.

Denmark 2016 – 2024

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